Collaborative Multi-hop Routing in Cognitive Wireless Networks

Research paper by Dingde Jiang, Xu Ying, Yang Han, Zhihan Lv

Indexed on: 03 Sep '15Published on: 03 Sep '15Published in: Wireless Personal Communications


The collaboration of nodes in cognitive wireless networks is a large challenge. This paper studies the collaborative multi-hop routing in cognitive networks. We propose a new algorithm to construct the collaborative routing in multi-hop cognitive networks. Our algorithm takes into account the interference among nodes including primary and secondary users. The clustering and collaboration are exploited to improve the performance of collaborative routing in multi-hop cognitive wireless networks with multiple primary and secondary users. By analyzing the maximum transmission distance, collaborations, transmission angle control and power control, and channel allocation, we propose a new clustering-based collaborative multi-hop cognitive routing algorithm to attain better network performance. Simulation results show that our approach is feasible and effective.