Cohesion by topology: sister chromatids interlocked by DNA.

Research paper by Rodrigo R Bermejo, Dana D Branzei, Marco M Foiani

Indexed on: 04 Sep '08Published on: 04 Sep '08Published in: Genes & development


Sister chromatid cohesion is coupled with chromosome replication and influences chromosome segregation and intra-S repair. Specialized proteins, the cohesins, together with other pathways contribute to tether sister chromatids. In this issue of Genes & Development, Wang and colleagues (pp. 2426-2433 demonstrate that TopoIV, a type II DNA topoisomerase, modulates cohesion in Escherichia coli, by removing interlocked DNA junctions between sister chromatids. They propose that DNA precatenanes, arising during replication fork progression, hold sister chromatids together.