Coexistence of 3d-ferromagnetism and superconductivity in [(Li1-x Fex )OH](Fe1-y Liy )Se.

Research paper by Ursula U Pachmayr, Fabian F Nitsche, Hubertus H Luetkens, Sirko S Kamusella, Felix F Brückner, Rajib R Sarkar, Hans-Henning HH Klauss, Dirk D Johrendt

Indexed on: 09 Oct '14Published on: 09 Oct '14Published in: Angewandte Chemie International Edition


Superconducting [(Li1-x Fex )OH](Fe1-y Liy )Se (x≈0.2, y≈0.08) was synthesized by hydrothermal methods and characterized by single-crystal and powder X-ray diffraction. The structure contains alternating layers of anti-PbO type (Fe1-y Liy )Se and (Li1-x Fex )OH. Electrical resistivity and magnetic susceptibility measurements reveal superconductivity at 43 K. An anomaly in the diamagnetic shielding indicates ferromagnetic ordering near 10 K while superconductivity is retained. The ferromagnetism is from the iron atoms in the (Li1-x Fex )OH layer. Isothermal magnetization measurements confirm the superposition of ferromagnetic and superconducting hysteresis. The internal ferromagnetic field is larger than the lower, but smaller than the upper critical field of the superconductor. The formation of a spontaneous vortex phase where both orders coexist is supported by (57) Fe-Mössbauer spectra, (7) Li-NMR spectra, and μSR experiments.