Codimension-2 black hole solutions on a thin 3-brane and their extension into the bulk

Research paper by Minas Tsoukalas

Indexed on: 23 Feb '09Published on: 23 Feb '09Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


In this talk we discuss black hole solutions in six-dimensional gravity with a Gauss- Bonnet term in the bulk and an induced gravity term on a thin 3-brane of codimension-2. It is shown that these black holes can be localized on the 3-brane, and they can further be extended into the bulk by a warp function. These solutions have regular horizons and no other curvature singularities appear apart from the string-like ones. The projection of the Gauss-Bonnet term on the brane imposes a constraint relation which requires the presence of matter in the extra dimensions, in order to sustain our solutions.