Coatings, Vol. 9, Pages 291: Performance Improvement of GaN Based Laser Diode Using Pd/Ni/Au Metallization Ohmic Contact

Research paper by Wenjie Wang, Wuze Xie, Zejia Deng, Haojun Yang, Mingle Liao, Junze Li, Xiaojia Luo, Song Sun, Degang Zhao

Indexed on: 21 Sep '19Published on: 28 Apr '19Published in: Coatings


We report an investigation of the effects of different metal systems and surface treatment on the contact performance of GaN lasers. We found that multi-element metal alloy and surface chemical treatment are the keys to achieve good ohmic behavior contacts on GaN laser diodes. Pd/Ni/Au contact demonstrates excellent thermal stability and lowest specific contact resistivity in these metal systems. Properly adjusting the thickness of the Pd and Ni layer and pretreating with the KOH solution can further improve the ohmic contact performance. The improved ohmic behavior of the KOH solution pretreated Pd/Ni/Au contact is attributed to removing surface oxides and the reduction of the schottky barrier heights due to the metal Pd has a high work function and the interfacial reactions occurring between the Pd, Ni, Au, and GaN extends into the GaN film. As a result, a low contact resistivity of 1.66 × 10−5 Ω·cm2 can be achieved from Pd(10 nm)/Ni(10 nm)/Au(30 nm) contacts with KOH solution pretreated on top of the laser diode structure. The power of the GaN based laser diode with the Pd/Ni/Au metallization ohmic contact can be enhanced by 1.95 times and the threshold current decreased by 37% compared to that of the conventional ohmic contact Ni/Au.