Cluster formation in the Fermi system with long-range interaction

Research paper by K. V. Grigorishin, B. I. Lev

Indexed on: 06 Mar '08Published on: 06 Mar '08Published in: Physics - Statistical Mechanics


Based on statistical approach we described possible formation of spatially inhomogeneous distribution in the system of interacting Fermi particles by long-rage forces, and we demonstrated nonperturbative calculation of the partition function in this case. It was shown, that particles interacting with an attractive $1/r$ potential form clusters. Cluster is equilibrium structure, if we suppose that average energy of interaction of two particles is much less than their average kinetic energy $kT$. The analogy between self-gravitation gas and plasma was shown. The dynamics of cluster formation was considered with help hydrodynamical and statistical approaches, and time of relaxation to equilibrium state was found.