Closed ideals in $\mathcal{L}(X)$ and $\mathcal{L}(X^*)$ when $X$ contains certain copies of $\ell_p$ and $c_0$

Research paper by Ben Wallis

Indexed on: 12 Jul '15Published on: 12 Jul '15Published in: Mathematics - Functional Analysis


Suppose $X$ is a real or complexified Banach space containing a complemented copy of $\ell_p$, $p\in(1,2)$, and a copy (not necessarily complemented) of either $\ell_q$, $q\in(p,\infty)$, or $c_0$. Then $\mathcal{L}(X)$ and $\mathcal{L}(X^*)$ each admit continuum many closed ideals. If in addition $q\geq p'$, $\frac{1}{p}+\frac{1}{p'}=1$, then the closed ideals of $\mathcal{L}(X)$ and $\mathcal{L}(X^*)$ each fail to be linearly ordered. We obtain additional results in the special cases of $\mathcal{L}(\ell_1\oplus\ell_q)$ and $\mathcal{L}(\ell_p\oplus c_0)$, $1<p<2<q<\infty$.