[Clinical symptoms and diagnostic workup of allergic reactions on the oral mucosa].

Research paper by U U Raap, M M Stiesch, A A Kapp

Indexed on: 17 Aug '12Published on: 17 Aug '12Published in: Der Hautarzt; Zeitschrift fur Dermatologie, Venerologie, und verwandte Gebiete


Contact allergies at the oral mucosa are associated with diverse symptoms. In this article we focus on the contact allergy of delayed type. Oral mucosa changes including stomatitis or lichenoid inflammation can give first evidence for such a contact allergy. Subjective symptoms including pain, burning or dryness of the oral mucosa can be associated with a contact allergy but may also occur in other diseases which need to be excluded. The first step in the diagnosis of a contact allergy is the complete examination of the oral mucosa. Additionally, a careful history of the patient's oral care products, drugs and dental materials is important. If mucosal changes are present, a patch test is recommended for the diagnostic work up for contact allergy of delayed type. In case of a positive patch test reaction, a careful check for the clinical relevance is needed in order to have a clear recommendation for both patient and dentist e.g. if replacement of prosthetic materials is needed.