Clinical Approaches to Breast Reconstruction: What Is the Appropriate Reconstructive Procedure for My Patient?

Research paper by Max M Dieterich, Adrian A Dragu, Angrit A Stachs, Johannes J Stubert

Indexed on: 20 Feb '18Published on: 20 Feb '18Published in: Breast care (Basel, Switzerland)


Breast reconstruction after breast cancer is an emotional subject for women. Consequently, the correct timing and surgical procedure for each individual woman are important. In general, heterologous or autologous reconstructive procedures are available, both having advantages and disadvantages. Breast size, patient habitus, and previous surgeries or radiation therapy need to be considered, independent of the chosen procedure. New surgical techniques, refinement of surgical procedures, and the development of supportive materials have increased the general patient collective eligible for breast reconstruction. This review highlights the different approaches to immediate breast reconstruction using autologous or heterologous techniques.