Clinical application of a fiber-reinforced post system.

Research paper by K K Krasteva

Indexed on: 09 Aug '01Published on: 09 Aug '01Published in: Journal of Endodontics


The tooth structure of an endodontically treated tooth was restored with a core on a post, both prefabricated with fiber-reinforced polymer-ceramic material (Sculpture/FibreKor) and subsequently with a metal-free crown. The tooth restoration is described in detail. It includes root canal preparation, polyvinyl siloxane impression taking, laboratory fabrication of the core on the post, adhesive cementation of the post-and-core system in the root canal, fabrication and cementation of the restorations, adjustment, and finishing. The success of this metal-free system is based on its increased flexural and tensile strength. Its application is safe, effective, and reliable. The high-quality aesthetics of the restorations is due to the translucency of the post-and-core material.