Clifford theory for graded fusion categories

Research paper by César Galindo

Indexed on: 27 Jun '11Published on: 27 Jun '11Published in: Mathematics - Quantum Algebra


We develop a categorical analogue of Clifford theory for strongly graded rings over graded fusion categories. We describe module categories over a fusion category graded by a group $G$ as induced from module categories over fusion subcategories associated with the subgroups of $G$. We define invariant $\C_e$-module categories and extensions of $\C_e$-module categories. The construction of module categories over $\C$ is reduced to determine invariant module categories for subgroups of $G$ and the indecomposable extensions of this modules categories. We associate a $G$-crossed product fusion category to each $G$-invariant $\C_e$-module category and give a criterion for a graded fusion category to be a group-theoretical fusion category. We give necessary and sufficient conditions for an indecomposable module category to be extended.