Classes of Operators Similar to Partial Isometries

Research paper by Mostafa Mbekhta, Laurian Suciu

Indexed on: 01 Apr '09Published on: 01 Apr '09Published in: Integral Equations and Operator Theory


The present paper deals with operators similar to partial isometries. We get some (necessary and) sufficient conditions for the similarity to (adjoints of) quasinormal partial isometries, or more general, to power partial isometries. We illustrate our results on the class of n-quasi-isometries, obtaining that a n-quasi-isometry is similar to a power partial isometry if and only if the ranges \( {\mathcal{R}}(T^j) (1 \leq j \leq n)\) are closed. In particular if n = 2, these conditions ensure the similarity to quasinormal partial isometries of Duggal and Aluthge transforms of 2-quasi-isometries. The case when a n-quasi-isometry is a partial isometry is also studied, and a structure theorem for n-quasi-isometries which are power partial isometries is given.