Chromium toxic effect monitoring using ozonation method.

Research paper by T T Poznyak, J M JM Puga, E E Kiseleva, L L Martinez

Indexed on: 11 Jun '02Published on: 11 Jun '02Published in: International journal of toxicology


The hexavalent chromium toxicity (in vitro) to plasma, erythrocytes, and semen lipids was evaluated. The ozonation technique is suggested to realize the rapid measurements of the lipid peroxidation (LPO) by means of the double bond indexes (DB-index and DB(cell)-index) calculation. The obtained experimental results permit to conclude that it is possible to detect the chromium effect on LPO by ozonation. The DB-index and DB(cell)-index determination in the plasma, erythrocytes, and sperm can be considered as a measure of this effect. Ozonation, suggested in this work, can provide the useful preliminary information for specialists and is a quantitative, fast, inexpensive, and simple method. In view of these comments, we conclude that the suggested ozonation method can be considered as the acceptable modern technique for the chromium toxic effect monitoring in vitro.