Chromato-électrophorèse des aminoacides en couche mince de poudre de cellulose 6 eme partie—Amélioration d'un procédé à haut pouvoir séparateur pour les aminoacides neutres ayant une faible mobilite en chromatographie de partage

Research paper by R. L. Munier, A. Peigner, Ch. Thommegay

Indexed on: 01 May '70Published on: 01 May '70Published in: Chromatographia


A combination of chromatography with continuous flow of the eluant pyridine/ethanol/water (4∶4∶2) and electrophoresis in alkaline medium (Borax 0.025 M) on a thin layer of cellulose powder provides for perfect separation of amino acids with little mobility in partition chromatography. When thin layers of 20×40 cm size and development of the amino acids by trinitrobenzene-sulfonic acid are used, excellent chromato-electrograms can be obtained. This procedure will give excellent separations between amino acids and peptides if it is used without continuous flow of the chromatographic solvent.