Cholesteryl-coated carbonyl iron particles with improved anti-corrosion stability and their viscoelastic behaviour under magnetic field

Research paper by M. Mrlik, M. Ilcikova, M. Sedlacik, J. Mosnacek, P. Peer, P. Filip

Indexed on: 09 May '14Published on: 09 May '14Published in: Colloid and polymer science


In principle, bare particles used in magnetorheological suspensions exhibit apparent corrosion instability. To suppress substantially this adverse phenomenon, the carbonyl iron particles modified with cholesteryl group (CI-chol) were suspended in silicone oil. There was found a deterioration of magnetorheological efficiency in comparison when only bare carbonyl iron (CI) particles are used; nevertheless, from the viewpoint of applicability, this change is fully acceptable. However, an anti-corrosion stability was significantly improved. Furthermore, dynamic oscillatory measurements and other characterizations were carried out and analyzed when both CI and CI-chol particles are applied.