Choice of resin cement shades for a high-translucency zirconia product to mask dark, discolored or metal substrates.

Research paper by Shiqi S Dai, Chen C Chen, Mo M Tang, Ying Y Chen, Lu L Yang, Feng F He, Bingzhuo B Chen, Haifeng H Xie

Indexed on: 24 Nov '19Published on: 23 Nov '19Published in: The journal of advanced prosthodontics


The aim was to study the masking ability of high-translucency monolithic zirconia and provide guidance in selecting resin luting cements in order to mask discolored substrates. 160 high-translucency zirconia specimens were divided into 32 groups depending on their thickness and shades. Using five shades of try-in paste, the specimens were luted onto the sub strates (Co-Cr, precious-metal, opaque porcelain-sintered Co-Cr, opaque porcelain-sintered precious-metal, and 5M3-shade zirconia). All CIELAB color parameters were measured and statistically analyzed. Zirconia shade and thickness and try-in paste shade affected CIELAB color parameters (=.000) in different substrates groups, and there were interactions among these factors (=.000). All five try-in paste shades can be chosen to achieve ΔE values of zirconia with 1.2 - 1.5 mm for masking dark-tooth-like 5M3-shade and zirconia with 1.5 mm for masking precious-metal groups < 2.6. Only suitable try-in paste shades were used, can ΔE values that less than 2.6 be achieved when applied translucent monolithic zirconia with 0.7-1.0 mm for masking dark-tooth-like 5M3-shade and zirconia with 0.7 - 1.2 mm for masking precious-metal groups. Choosing suitable resin cement shades is necessary for high-translucency monolithic zirconia to achieve ideal masking ability (ΔE < 2.6) on the dark-tooth. © 2019 The Korean Academy of Prosthodontics.