Chiral symmetry restoration in static-light mesons: chiral restoration theorem, the quark running mass m(k) and first chiral restoration signals in the lattice QCD spectra

Research paper by P. Bicudo

Indexed on: 30 Dec '15Published on: 30 Dec '15Published in: High Energy Physics - Lattice


Chiral symmetry restoration high in the hadron spectra is expected but it remains to be confirmed both in lattice QCD computations and in experiments. Recently, a theorem was derived, relating chiral symmetry restoration high in the hadron spectra to the spontaneous generation of the dynamical quark mass in QCD. We refine the theorem in the case of static-light mesons. Utilizing chiral quark model computations and lattice QCD results for the spectrum of mesons composed by a static antiquark and a light quark, we explore chiral symmetry restoration in the spectrum and the quark running mass m(k).