Chemoenzymatic synthesis and properties of Schiff bases containing (R)-1-(9-anthryl)ethylamine.

Research paper by Marin M Roje, Vitomir V Sunjić

Indexed on: 19 Jul '02Published on: 19 Jul '02Published in: Chirality


Racemic 1-(9-anthryl)ethylamine (10), obtained in 70% overall yield from commercial 9-cyanoanthracene, was kinetically resolved by the Candida antarctica A lipase-catalyzed acetylation with isopropyl acetate as acyl donor, affording (R)-(+)-10 with 95.8% enantiomeric excess (e.e.) (E-value 43.5), which afforded Schiff bases (R)-4 and(R)-8. (1)H-NMR, CD, and MM2 calculations offer a consistent picture of the conformational properties of these potential ligands and an explanation for the limited enhancement of enantioselectivity in cyclopropanation of styrene by their Cu(I) complexes, as compared with previously studied ligands in this series.