Checklist of the continental fishes of the state of Chiapas, Mexico, and their distribution.

Research paper by Ernesto E Velázquez-Veláquez, Jesús Manuel JM López-Vila, Adán Enrique AE Gómez-González, Emilio Ismael EI Romero-Berny, Jorge Luis JL Lievano-Trujillo, Wilfredo A WA Matamoros

Indexed on: 07 Dec '16Published on: 07 Dec '16Published in: ZooKeys


An updated checklist of the distribution of fishes that inhabit the continental waters of the Mexican state of Chiapas is presented. The state was compartmentalized into 12 hydrological regions for the purpose of understanding the distribution of fish fauna across a state with large physiographic variance. The ichthyofauna of Chiapas is represented by 311 species distributed in two classes, 26 orders, 73 families, and 182 genera, including 12 exotic species. The families with the highest number of species were Cichlidae, Poeciliidae, Sciaenidae, Carangidae, Ariidae, Gobiidae, and Haemulidae. This study attempts to close gaps in knowledge of the distribution of ichthyofauna in the diverse hydrological regions of Chiapas, Mexico.