Charmless B decays from CLEO: Rare and not-so-rare

Research paper by Richard D. Ehrlich

Indexed on: 01 Dec '03Published on: 01 Dec '03Published in: The European Physical Journal C


We present updated results from the CLEO collaboration from two studies of B meson decay to charmless hadronic final states. In the first analysis, we combine data from the CLEO II and CLEO III detectors to provide final measurements of thirteen two-body decay modes. In the second, the combined CLEO II and CLEO II.V data set is used to determine the \(\eta'\) momentum spectrum and branching ratio in the inclusive process \(B\to \eta' X_{nc}\); with a more powerful analysis technique than was previously used. For the momentum range \(2.0<P_{\eta'}< 2.7\) GeV/c , we find a branching ratio, \({\cal B}(B \to \eta'X_{nc})\), of [4.6± 1.1± 0.4± 0.5] × 10–4. The uncertainties are statistical, systematic, and due to subtraction of charm-decay background, respectively.PACS: 13.25.Hw Decays of Bottom Mesons