Charged Rotating Kaluza-Klein Black Holes in Dilaton Gravity

Research paper by Masoud Allahverdizadeh, Ken Matsuno, Ahmad Sheykhi

Indexed on: 20 Dec '09Published on: 20 Dec '09Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


We obtain a class of slowly rotating charged Kaluza-Klein black hole solutions of the five-dimensional Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton theory with arbitrary dilaton coupling constant. At infinity, the spacetime is effectively four-dimensional. In the absence of the squashing function, our solution reduces to the five-dimensional asymptotically flat slowly rotating charged dilaton black hole solution with two equal angular momenta. We calculate the mass, the angular momentum and the gyromagnetic ratio of these rotating Kaluza-Klein dilaton black holes. It is shown that the dilaton field and the non-trivial asymptotic structure of the solutions modify the gyromagnetic ratio of the black holes. We also find that the gyromagnetic ratio crucially depends on the dilaton coupling constant, \alpha, and decreases with increasing \alpha for any size of the compact extra dimension.