Charge and Statistics of Quasiholes in Pfaffian States of Composite Fermion Excitations

Research paper by Piotr Sitko

Indexed on: 25 Mar '04Published on: 25 Mar '04Published in: Physics - Mesoscopic Systems and Quantum Hall Effect


The charge of quasiparticles in Pfaffian states of composite fermion excitations (the presence of which is indicated by recent experiments) is found. At the filling fraction of the Pfaffian state $\nu=p/q$ (of the lowest Landau level) the charge is $\pm e/(2q)$. As in the case of the Pfaffian state of electrons the statistics of $N_{qh}$ quasiholes in the Pfaffian state corresponds to the spinor representation of $U(1)\times SO(2N_{qh})$ (the continuous extension of the braid group). Here U(1) is given by the phase factor $e^{i({1/8}+\frac{1}{4m})\pi}$ with $m=1+\alpha$, $\alpha$ -- the exclusion statistics parameter of Jain quasiparticles. The possiblity of Read-Rezayi states of Jain quasiparticles is also discussed.