Characterizing the complex permittivity of high-κ dielectrics using enhanced field method.

Research paper by Hsien-Wen HW Chao, Wei-Syuan WS Wong, Tsun-Hsu TH Chang

Indexed on: 03 Dec '15Published on: 03 Dec '15Published in: The Review of scientific instruments


This paper proposed a method to characterize the complex permittivities of samples based on the enhancement of the electric field strength. The enhanced field method significantly improves the measuring range and accuracy of the samples' electrical properties. Full-wave simulations reveal that the resonant frequency is closely related to the dielectric constant of the sample. In addition, the loss tangent can be determined from the measured quality factor and the just obtained dielectric constant. Materials with low dielectric constant and very low loss tangent are measured for benchmarking and the measured results agree well with previous understanding. Interestingly, materials with extremely high dielectric constants (ε(r) > 50), such as titanium dioxide, calcium titanate, and strontium titanate, differ greatly as expected.