Characterization of tomato apical stunt viroid isolated from a 24-year old seed lot of Capsicum annuum.

Research paper by J Th J JT Verhoeven, H M S HM Koenraadt, M M Westenberg, J W JW Roenhorst

Indexed on: 17 Feb '17Published on: 17 Feb '17Published in: Archives of Virology


Tomato apical stunt viroid (TASVd) has been identified in a 24-year old seed lot of Capsicum annuum produced in Taiwan. It is the first finding of TASVd in this plant species. The isolate could be discriminated from all reported isolates of TASVd based on its nucleotide sequence, which showed only 94.8% identity with the most related genotype of TASVd. This discrimination was substantiated by phylogenetic analysis. Inoculation of a RNA extract of contaminated seeds to healthy pepper plants showed that the infectivity of the viroid had remained over time. Nevertheless, no transmission to seedlings was observed.