Characterization of seven novel human papillomavirus types isolated from cutaneous tissue, but also present in mucosal lesions.

Research paper by Ethel-Michele EM de Villiers, Karin K Gunst

Indexed on: 24 Apr '09Published on: 24 Apr '09Published in: The Journal of general virology


Seven novel human papillomavirus (HPV) types were isolated and characterized. HPV 94 is related most closely to HPV 10 and belongs to the genus Alphapapillomavirus, whereas HPV 98, HPV 99, HPV 100, HPV 104, HPV 105 and HPV 113 all belong to the genus Betapapillomavirus. These HPV types were isolated from and demonstrated in cutaneous tissue, but HPV 98, HPV 100, HPV 104 and HPV 113 were also detected in malignant oesophageal and oral lesions. The general prevalence of these HPV types in lesions is infrequent.