Characterization of olanzapine (LY170053) in human liver slices by liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry.

Research paper by A T AT Murphy, B G BG Lake, J R JR Bernstein, R B RB Franklin, T A TA Gillespie

Indexed on: 06 Jan '99Published on: 06 Jan '99Published in: Biological Mass Spectrometry


Olanzapine metabolism was investigated using incubation of olanzapine with human liver slices. The intent of the investigation was to identify olanzapine metabolites and determine if the human liver slice incubations could potentially produce quantities of the olanzapine glucuronides for future studies. Along with known Phase 1 olanzapine metabolites, N-desmethyl-, 2-hydroxymethyl-, and 4'-N-oxide-, a new hydroxylated species was detected. Detection of Phase 2 metabolites included known N-10-glucuronides, a quaternary glucuronide and a novel glucuronide conjugate. This investigation showed the feasibility of using human liver slices to produce sufficient quantities of olanzapine glucuronides for further studies.