Characteristics of sisomicin fermentation supplemented with MgSO4 in stirred and air lift fermentors

Research paper by Chul Soo Shin, Seong Yong Kim, Jae Yeong Ju

Indexed on: 01 Mar '94Published on: 01 Mar '94Published in: Biotechnology Letters


Sisomicin fermentations were carried out in stirred and air lift fermentors, and various concentrations of MgSO4 were supplemented to improve antibiotic yield. The highest antibiotic yield was obtained at 80 mM in an air lift fermentor due to effective liberation of intracellular sisomicin by MgSO4. The presence of high concentrations of MgSO4, along with shear stress due to strong agitation in the stirred fermentor, resulted in low values of cell activity, rheological parameter(n) and cell viability in the stirred fermentor, compared with the air lift fermentor. The better physiological states of cells grown in the air lift fermentor resulted in improved antibiotic yields.