Changes in the neurosecretory cells of the freshwater snail, lymnaea acuminata induced by urea administration

Research paper by M. M. Hanumante, U. D. Deshpande, R. Nagabhushanam

Indexed on: 01 Mar '80Published on: 01 Mar '80Published in: Hydrobiologia


The effect of urea injections on the cytomorphology of neurosecretory cells of the snail L. acuminata has been examined. Of the three types of neurosecretory cells (A, B and C) the changes were evident only in C cells from the parietal ganglia. 3 hr after 0.1 ml of 1 M urea plus 0.1 ml of I M glucose injection, the appearance of neurosecretory material (NSM) in the neurohaemal area without any change in C cell C : N (Cytoplasm: nuclear) ratio, was evident, whereas daily injection of urea plus glucose for three consecutive days induced a significant (P = 0.005) increment in C cell nuclear diameter and C : N value over equiosmole control (glucose) injections. This was accompanied by about 50% depletion of perikarya NSM intensity and the neurohaemal area was completely destitute of the NSM. The significance of the data is discussed.