Changes in phenol content and peroxidase activity during in vitro organogenesis in Xanthosoma sagittifolium L.

Research paper by Gabriel Kanmegne, N. Denis Omokolo

Indexed on: 01 May '03Published on: 01 May '03Published in: Plant growth regulation


Direct plant regeneration, multiple shoot formation and callogenesis were induced from cocoyam shoot tips cultured in vitro. At different stages of culture, phenol content, peroxidase activity and acidic soluble isoperoxidase patterns were analysed in plantlets. Results showed that phenol content of plantlets cultured on auxin-free media decreased with time, while it increased in those cultured on media supplemented with an auxin. Each form of morphogenesis induced with a growth regulator was preceded by an increase in total peroxidase activity. On hormone-free medium, organogenesis occurred (single shoot development and rhizogenesis), but there was no increase in total peroxidase activity. The appearance of isoperoxidase A2 was associated with root initiation, while the disappearance of isoperoxidase A5 and the appearance of isoperoxidase A6 preceded multiple shoot formation. These results indicate that total peroxidase activity was not a proper marker for organogenesis in cocoyam. Each form of morphogenetic differentiation is associated with an alteration of the acidic isoperoxidase pattern. These enzymes can be used as biochemical markers for rooting and multiple shoot initiation in cocoyam.