Changes in chromosomal polymorphism when selecting for a neutral trait inDrosophila subobscura

Research paper by M. J. Martínez-Sebastián, R. De Frutos

Indexed on: 01 Feb '86Published on: 01 Feb '86Published in: Genetica


The changes which occurred in the chromosomal polymorphism ofDrosophila subobscura when selecting for abdominal bristle number were analysed. A decrease in the diversity of arrangements and an increase in homozygosity over the selection experiment were found. These changes were stronger in selection than in control lines.In chromosomes A, J and E the same arrangement tends to be fixed in high and low selection lines without distinction, whereas in chromosome U, the U1+2 arrangement is fixed only in high selection lines and in chromosome O, the O3+4 arrangement is fixed only in low selection lines.