Change of optical properties of contemporary resin composites after one week and one month water ageing.

Research paper by Sofia S Diamantopoulou, Efstratios E Papazoglou, Vasileios V Margaritis, Christopher D CD Lynch, Afrodite A Kakaboura

Indexed on: 16 Apr '13Published on: 16 Apr '13Published in: Journal of Dentistry


To compare color and translucency changes after water ageing for one-week and one-month in light and dark shades of contemporary polychromatic resin composites.Enamel (e) and dentine (d), light and dark (A1 and A4 or equivalents) shades were selected from the composites Enamel-Plus HRi/Micerium, Miris-2/Coltene, IPS Empress-Direct/Ivoclar and Filtek-Supreme/3M ESPE and light and dark shades from the TPH-Spectum/Densply monochromatic composite. Five disks (d = 10mm, h = 1mm) per material, enamel/dentine and light/dark shade were prepared. A colorimetric evaluation, over white and black background, according to the CIELab system was performed just after preparation and after one-week and one-month dark water-storage at 37°C. Color (ΔEab) and translucency (ΔTP) differences were calculated. Results were analysed by ANOVA and Scheffe's test, paired t-test and linear regression analysis (a = 0.05).One-week water ageing provided a wide range of ΔEab values (0.79 Filtek(e)/D2 to 5.19 Filtek(d)/A1) and ΔTP values (-2.74 Hri/UD1 to 1.03 TPH/A1). After one-month water ageing ΔEab ranged from 1.09 Filtek(e)/D2 to 7.94 Filtek(d)/A1 and ΔTP values from -2.71Hri/UD1 to 1.07 Filtek(d)/A4. Significant changes in ΔEab between one-week and one-month water ageing were noted for Filtek and Miris dentine and Miris light enamel shades. As for ΔTP, significant difference was recorded only for IPS(e)/A4. ΔEab was significantly correlated with ΔL, Δα, Δb and ΔTP after one-week and with ΔL and Δα after one-month ageing.Water ageing caused remarkable color changes, which were material and shade depended. Thirteen out of eighteen of the tested composites exhibited clinically perceptible (ΔEab>2.6) color changes even after short water ageing period.