Challenges for wearable healthcare services

Research paper by Won Kim, Jaehyuk Choi

Indexed on: 11 Nov '16Published on: 05 Nov '16Published in: International Journal of Web and Grid Services


Today we are witnessing the start of a revolution in healthcare using wearables. Wearables with embedded sensors transmit can monitor the vital signs continuously and non-;invasively, and transmit data to computers for storage, analysis and display. This has been made possible through the convergence of physiology and several technologies, including sensor technology, micro-;electromechanical system technology, data analysis technology, and software development technologies. However, we expect that it will take another decade before the revolution will become a reality. In this position paper, we discuss various challenges that need to be overcome. These include the accuracy of the sensors, identification of customer needs and business models for success in the market, privacy and security of data, etc.