Cetylpyridinium bromide-catalyzed reaction of ortho-aminomethylphenols with para-nitrophenyldiphenyl phosphate

Research paper by R. A. Shagidullina, L. A. Kudryavtseva, A. B. Mirgorodskaya, L. Ya. Zakharova, B. E. Ivanov

Indexed on: 01 May '90Published on: 01 May '90Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


Cetylpyridinium bromide micelles accelerate the reaction of paranitrophenyldiphenyl phosphate with orthoaminomethylphenol by more than an order of magnitude in aqueous micellar solutions. The rate constants for this reaction are, however, about 50 times lower in the micellar phase than in water, i.e., the principal factor responsible for micellar catalysis in this reaction is concentration of the reagent.