Central hypoventilation and brainstem dysgenesis.

Research paper by Thais T Armangue, Alfons A Macaya, Elida E Vazquez, Maria José MJ Jurado, Manuel M Roig-Quilis

Indexed on: 12 Apr '12Published on: 12 Apr '12Published in: Pediatric Neurology


We report on a newborn with congenital hypotonia, unilateral facial palsy, sucking and swallowing difficulties, velopalatine incoordination, and unilateral impairment of the auditory brainstem responses, attributable to brainstem dysgenesis. On follow-up, the child manifested developmental delay and central hypoventilation syndrome during sleep. The ventilation abnormality during sleep with insensitivity to hypercapnia, associated with unilateral facial paralysis, indicates a pontine lesion, including the parafacial respiratory group.