Cellular neural network analysis for two-dimensional bioheat transfer equation

Research paper by J. -H. Niu, H. -Z. Wang, H. -X. Zhang, J. -Y. Yan, Y. -S. Zhu

Indexed on: 01 Sep '01Published on: 01 Sep '01Published in: Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing


The cellular neural network (CNN) method is applied to solve the Pennes bioheat transfer equation, and its feasibility is demonstrated. Numerical solutions were obtained for a cellular neural network for a two-dimensional steady-state temperature field obtained from focused and unfocused ultrasound heat sources. Transient-state temperature fields were also studied and compared with experimental results obtained elsewhere. The cellular neural networks' key features of asynchronous parallel processing, continuous-time dynamics and local interaction enable real-time temperature field estimation for clinical hyperthermia.