Cell loading and shipment optimisation in a cellular manufacturing system: an integrated genetic algorithms and neural network approach

Research paper by Gokhan Egilmez, Can Celikbilek, Melih Altun, Gürsel A. Süer

Indexed on: 11 Nov '16Published on: 18 Oct '16Published in: International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering


In this paper, cell loading and shipment method optimisation problem in a cellular manufacturing system are studied. A hierarchical methodology that consists of mathematical optimisation model, genetic algorithms (GAs) and artificial neural networks (ANNs) were proposed. The mathematical model is compared with the GA in terms of the optimisation performance. Next, ANN model was developed as decision support tool to study the impact of GA parameters on the solution quality. Several problem sizes were experimented with the proposed GA and the mathematical model, and compared. GA was run to make a total of 648 sample solutions for the 20-;job problem. Next, ANN model was built based on the sample solutions' data and the optimal ANN model is identified out of 1,000 networks. The results were also coupled with sensitivity and statistical analyses, which indicated that type of crossover and mutation operators, had the greatest impact on the solution quality.