Cavity magnomechanics

Research paper by Xufeng Zhang, Chang-Ling Zou, Liang Jiang, Hong X. Tang

Indexed on: 15 Nov '15Published on: 15 Nov '15Published in: Quantum Physics


A dielectric body couples with electromagnetic fields through radiation pressure and electrostrictive forces, which mediate phonon-photon coupling in cavity optomechanics. In a magnetic medium, according to Korteweg-Helmholtz formula, magnetostrictive forces should arise and lead to phonon-magnon interaction. Here we report such a coupled phonon-magnon system based on ferrimagnetic spheres, which we term as cavity magnomechanics, by analogy to cavity optomechanics. Coherent phonon-magnon interactions, including electromagnetically induced transparency and absorption, are demonstrated. Excitingly, due to strong hybridization of magnon and microwave photon modes and their high tunability, our platform exhibits new features including parametric amplification of magnons and phonons, triply resonant photon-magnon-phonon coupling and phonon lasing. Our work demonstrates the fundamental principle of cavity magnomechanics and its application as a new information transduction platform based on coherent coupling between photons, phonons and magnons.