Causality and Bell-CHSH Inequalities Violations in Entanglement Swapping Schemes

Research paper by Daegene Song

Indexed on: 06 Nov '08Published on: 06 Nov '08Published in: International Journal of Theoretical Physics


An ample amount of evidence supporting the violation of locality has been presented in quantum theory. If such an instantaneous influencing is possible, it is worth considering the possibility of a causality violation in quantum theory, i.e., a future event influencing the past. Motivated by the delayed-choice gedanken experiment, we provide two protocols of entanglement swapping that are subtle in involving causality conditions. In particular, we present protocols in which locality constraints are identical to causality conditions and closely examine Bell-inequalities violation based on these protocols. These protocols will provide a clear picture of how quantum theory still preserves causality while locality is violated. We also discuss a potential threat to the entanglement-based key distribution schemes.