Cationic ring-opening polymerization of 2-phenyl-1,3,6,2-trioxaphosphocane

Research paper by Shiro Kobayashi, Mei Yu Huang, Takeo Saegusa

Indexed on: 01 Feb '81Published on: 01 Feb '81Published in: Polymer Bulletin


The ring-opening polymerization of 2-phenyl-1,3,-6,2-trioxaphosphocane (4), an eight-membered cyclic phosphonite, has been investigated. Cationic initiators of PhCH2-Cl and MeOTf gave polymers, whereas anionic and radical initiators did not yield polymer. The structure of polymer was examined by IR, 1H, 31P, and 31C NMR spectroscopy of polymers and elemental analysis as well as the alkaline hydrolysis products. The polymer consisted of two different units, i.e., the major part is the “normal” phosphinate structure 5 and the minor part is the isomerized unit 6 in 7% with PhCH2Cl initiation and in 34% with MeOTf initiator. The difference in nature of propagating species from these two initiators are discussed in connection with their reactivities.