Catalytic systems for processes of oxidative chlorination of hydrocarbons. Communication 5. Distribution of phases in copper chloride systems on α-Al2O3 as determined by transmission electron microscopy and adsorption measurements

Research paper by I. I. Kurlyandakaya, M. I. Dashevskii, I. G. Solomonik, T. F. Kudryavtseva, V. I. Yakerson

Indexed on: 01 Jun '87Published on: 01 Jun '87Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


By means of electron microscopy and an investigation of adsorption, involving x-ray diffraction and DTA, the observed morphological structures have been characterized in the catalytic systems copper(II) chloride-α-aluminum oxide and copper (II) chloride-potassium chloride-α-aluminum oxide,When the catalytic, systems are heat-treated, the salt clusters acquire mobility as a consequence of the formation of fusible compositions or surface migration of salt phases in a premelting state. When this occurs, changes are observed in the structure and surface area of the salt clusters.