Catalytic systems for oxidative chlorination of hydrocarbons. Communication 1. Thermal analysis of copper chloride salts and the catalysts based on them

Research paper by I. G. Solomonik, I. I. Kurlyandskaya, V. Ya. Danyushevskii, V. I. Yakerson

Indexed on: 01 Oct '84Published on: 01 Oct '84Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


Copper chloride catalysts for oxidative chlorination of hydrocarbons are multicomponent heterogeneous systems which consist of both melts of varying composition and of coexisting solid phases formed during thermolysis of the salt component.In copper-containing salt catalytic systems, the active component reacts with the carrier with the formation of new phases.In thermolysis of these systems, the Headwall effect is observed, which permits identifying the phase transitions and transitions of the “order-disorder” type in the crystal lattices when the system is heated by the method of differential thermogravimetric analysis.