Catalytic properties of iron carbonyls supported on zeolites in hydrocarbon synthesis from CO and H2

Research paper by A. L. Lapidus, M. M. Savel'ev, L. M. Muranova, S. D. Sominskii, L. T. Kondrat'ev, I. G. Borisovich, V. É. Vasserberg

Indexed on: 01 Jan '85Published on: 01 Jan '85Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


It has been shown that catalysts obtained on the basis of iron pentacarbonyl and NaY or CaY zeolite are active in the synthesis of alkanes from carbon monoxide and hydrogen.It has been shown by means of IR spectroscopy that when Fe(CO)5 is adsorbed on NaY or CaY zeolite, the complexes [Fe3(CO)11]2−, [Fe4(CO)13]2−, and [HFe3(CO)11]− are formed, and the active centers of the catalyst are formed from these complexes under the conditions of synthesis.