Catalytic oxidation of methane over Pd/Co3O4

Research paper by Zhenhua Li, Gar B. Hoflund

Indexed on: 01 Mar '99Published on: 01 Mar '99Published in: Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Letters


The catalytic activity of Pd/Co3O4 toward methane oxidation has been examined in this study as a function of Pd loading, reaction temperature, space velocity and methane concentration in the reaction gas mixture. The bare oxide is quite active achieving a 100% methane conversion at 480°C under the reaction conditions used. The catalyst with the highest Pd loading tested of 10 wt.% yields the best activity curve, but the 5 wt.% Pd/Co3O4 catalyst performs nearly as well. Complete conversion for this catalyst is attained at 300°C and the activity remains stable over a 90-min test period.