Catalysts, Vol. 8, Pages 661: The Influence of Texture on Co/SBA–15 Catalyst Performance for Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis

Research paper by Jun Han, Zijiang Xiong, Zelin Zhang, Hongjie Zhang, Peng Zhou, Fei Yu

Indexed on: 20 Dec '18Published on: 16 Dec '18Published in: Catalysts


The influence of the Co/SBA–15 catalyst texture, such as pore size and pore length on Fischer–Tropsch (FT) Synthesis, was investigated in this paper. The morphology, structure, and microstructures of Co/SBA–15 catalysts were characterized by SEM, Brunauer–Emmett–Teller (BET), TPR, HRTEM, and XRD. The experimental results indicated that the increase of pore size could improve the activity of the Co/SBA–15 catalyst, and the further increase of pore size could not significantly promote the activity. Moreover, it was also found that the pore length of the Co/SBA–15 catalyst played a key role in the catalytic activity. CO2 and C4+ selectivity were 2.0% and 74% during the simulated syngas (64% H2: 32% CO: balanced N2) FT over the Co/SBA–15 catalysts, and CO conversion rate and CH4 selectivity were 10.8% and 15.7% after 100 h time on stream.