Catalog of Luminous Supersoft X-ray Sources

Research paper by J. Greiner

Indexed on: 20 Jun '96Published on: 20 Jun '96Published in: Astrophysics


This catalog comprises an up-to-date list of luminous (>10^36 erg/s) supersoft X-ray sources. We include in this catalog accreting binary sources of high luminosity which are thought to be in a state of (steady or recurrent) hydrogen burning. Since CAL 83, the prototype, is known to have an ionisation nebula, and further supersoft binaries are expected to also have one, we include also sources associated with very luminous planetary nebulae. Not included are PG 1159 stars which reach similar magnitudes but form a rather distinct class. Excluded are also supersoft active galactic nuclei which reach luminosities up to 10^45 erg/s.