Case of familial hyperlipoproteinemia type III hypertriglyceridemia induced acute pancreatitis: Role for outpatient apheresis maintenance therapy.

Research paper by Mohannad Abou MA Saleh, Emad E Mansoor, Gregory S GS Cooper

Indexed on: 17 Nov '17Published on: 17 Nov '17Published in: World journal of gastroenterology


Hypertriglyceridemic pancreatitis (HTGP) accounts for up to 10% of acute pancreatitis presentations in non-pregnant individuals and is the third most common cause of acute pancreatitis after alcohol and gallstones. There are a number of retrospective studies and case reports that have suggested a role for apheresis and insulin infusion in the acute inpatient setting. We report a case of HTGP in a male with hyperlipoproteinemia type III who was treated successfully with insulin and apheresis on the initial inpatient presentation followed by bi-monthly outpatient maintenance apheresis sessions for the prevention of recurrent HTGP. We also reviewed the literature for the different inpatient and outpatient management modalities of HTGP. Given that there are no guidelines or randomized clinical trials that evaluate the outpatient management of HTGP, this case report may provide insight into a possible role for outpatient apheresis maintenance therapy.