Cardiovascular effects of Zumba(®) performed in a virtual environment using XBOX Kinect.

Research paper by Luceli Eunice Da Silva LE Neves, Mariza Paver Da Silva MP Cerávolo, Elisangela E Silva, Wagner Zeferino WZ De Freitas, Fabiano Fernandes FF Da Silva, Wonder Passoni WP Higino, Wellington Roberto Gomes WR Carvalho, Renato Aparecido RA De Souza

Indexed on: 28 Oct '15Published on: 28 Oct '15Published in: Journal of physical therapy science


[Purpose] This study evaluated the acute cardiovascular responses during a session of Zumba(®) Fitness in a virtual reality environment. [Subjects] Eighteen healthy volunteers were recruited. [Methods] The following cardiovascular variables: heart rate, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and double product were assessed before and after the practice of virtual Zumba(®), which was performed as a continuous sequence of five choreographed movements lasting for 22 min. The game Zumba Fitness Core(®), with the Kinect-based virtual reality system for the XBOX 360, was used to create the virtual environment. Comparisons were made among mean delta values (delta=post-Zumba(®) minus pre-Zumba(®) values) for systolic and diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, and double product using Student's t-test for paired samples. [Results] After a single session, a significant increase was noted in all the analyzed parameters (Systolic blood pressure=18%; Diastolic blood pressure=13%; Heart rate=67%; and Double product=97%). [Conclusion] The results support the feasibility of the use of Zumba Fitness Core(®) with the Kinect-based virtual reality system for the XBOX 360 in physical activity programs and further favor its indication for this purpose.