Carbonized Silk Fabric for Ultrastretchable, Highly Sensitive, and Wearable Strain Sensors

Research paper by Chunya Wang, Xiang Li, Enlai Gao, Muqiang Jian, Kailun Xia, Qi Wang, Zhiping Xu, Tianling Ren, Yingying Zhang

Indexed on: 12 May '16Published on: 11 May '16Published in: Advanced Materials


A carbonized plain‐weave silk fabric is fabricated into wearable and robust strain sensors, which can be stretched up to 500% and show high sensitivity in a wide strain range. This sensor can be assembled into wearable devices for detection of both large and subtle human activities, showing great potential for monitoring human motions and personal health.

Graphical abstract 10.1002/adma.201601572.gif