Carbon and nitrogen sources influence the ligninolytic enzyme activity of Trametes versicolor.

Research paper by N N Mikiashvili, V V Elisashvili, S S Wasser, E E Nevo

Indexed on: 11 Aug '05Published on: 11 Aug '05Published in: Biotechnology Letters


Among carbon sources studied, cellobiose and mannitol provided the highest laccase (Lac) activity (648 and 742 U1(-1), respectively) of Trametes versicolor 775 while glucose gave maximum manganese peroxidase (MnP) and peroxidase activities (44 and 114 U1(-1), respectively). Citrus fruit peel as growth substrate enhanced Lac activity 7-fold when compared to the medium with cellobiose, whereas grape vine sawdust increased MnP and peroxidase activity up to 148 and 677 U1(-1), respectively.