Can Boosting with SVM as Week Learners Help?

Research paper by Dinesh Govindaraj

Indexed on: 22 Apr '16Published on: 22 Apr '16Published in: Computer Science - Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition


Object recognition in images involves identifying objects with partial occlusions, viewpoint changes, varying illumination, cluttered backgrounds. Recent work in object recognition uses machine learning techniques SVM-KNN, Local Ensemble Kernel Learning, Multiple Kernel Learning. In this paper, we want to utilize SVM as week learners in AdaBoost. Experiments are done with classifiers like near- est neighbor, k-nearest neighbor, Support vector machines, Local learning(SVM- KNN) and AdaBoost. Models use Scale-Invariant descriptors and Pyramid his- togram of gradient descriptors. AdaBoost is trained with set of week classifier as SVMs, each with kernel distance function on different descriptors. Results shows AdaBoost with SVM outperform other methods for Object Categorization dataset.